About Global Curcumin Association

A voice for all stakeholders, including government groups, academia, the healthcare community and the global industry.

Curcumin: A Top Growth Ingredient

The 2015 NBJ Supplement Business Report listed curcumin as one of its “Top 5 Growth Ingredients” and it has been in the top 10 for the past six years. The 2017 NBJ Raw Materials Report comments curcumin is the 4th best selling herbal product. Emerging science and ongoing marketing, education and effectiveness of the ingredient have provided consistent double digit annual sales growth over the past decade.

The Global Curcumin Association has been formed in order to:

  • Consolidate a voice for the curcumin category.

  • Protect the category from those that would willfully or unknowingly exploit it through poor quality or adulterated products.

  • Objectively work with media, regulators, practitioners and other professionals and ultimately consumers to promote growth and science within the category.

Curcumin: From Ayurvedic Tradition to Household Name

With explosive growth over the past decade, this once minor ‘spice-based’ ingredient now dominates headlines globally. As the fastest growing botanical-based supplement, not only is it showing expected promise as Ayurvedic tradition meets modern science, but it is becoming ripe for exploitation.

This year, 2017, is expected to mark yet another success for the category, with new science and new brands participating in the market. Supplement industry leader Len Monheit, seeing the acute need for a single voice and proactive category management strategy, alongside category leaders like Sabinsa, have formed the Global Curcumin Association with a plan to:

Create an objective and united category voice to allow uninterrupted growth based on strong science, transparency and consistency with regard to product quality standards and labels, and a complete and formal education program for raising awareness responsibly, to all stakeholders including government groups, academia, the healthcare community and the industry – globally.