Gut microbiota mediates the effects of curcumin on enhancing Ucp1-dependent thermogenesis and improving high-fat diet-induced obesity

An article published in the journal Food & Function examined the effect of curcumin on energy metabolism in mice, determining that the gut microbiome mediates the effects of curcumin on enhancing uncoupling protein 1-dependent thermogenesis, improving high fat diet induced obesity by influencing bile acid metabolism.

So what:

Since curcumin bioavailability is so poor, increasingly researchers are looking for insights into its mechanisms of action at small concentrations. Like many phytonutrients, it appears the answer might be in the gut microbiome.

Now what:

Expect continued and broader research for curcumin and other phytoactives, and as technology and diagnostics allow us to better transfer in vitro observations into in vivo reality, a much better understanding of how these nutritional ingredients impact human health.

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